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What is Windows 93 and How to use it

Windows 93 – If you looking for Windows 93 online then this is the right place to find out about Windows 93 secrets here you can use Windows 93.

Windows 93 is a version of Microsoft’s Operating System that you never used because it never existed, But do you know that you can run it online on your computer? Today I will tell you in this post how you can use Windows 93 online on your normal Computer.

This is a website designed for fun in the desktop version, on which you will also get test movies of the terminal and some viruses which are quite fun. If you have some time, then you must use it once, I am sure that you will definitely enjoy it.

So let’s get started !!

How to Use Windows 93 Online on Computer

windows 93 online

If you want to Use Windows 93 online on your Computer without any Installation Process, then you don’t have to do much, just you must have a computer that has an internet connection.

  • first, open any web browser on your computer
  • then Search windows 93
  • then open the first website or click here.

Use Windows 93 online on your Android Device

windows 93 online

If want to Use Windows 93 online on Your Android or IOS phone without install, then this is also possible. For this you must have a mobile phone not matter whether it is Android or IOS, you can run Windows 93 online on it, So Use Windows 93 online follow the steps –

  • First, Open Chrome Browser on your Mobile Phone
  • Then, Open a New Tab
  • Now you need to Desktop Version, So click on 3 dots
  • After click on 3 Dots select the Desktop Site option
  • Then search Windows 93
  • Then Open First WebSite or click here
windows 93 online

In this way, you can easily use Windows 93 online on your mobile device, even if you are an Apple user, you have to follow the same method by which you can use Windows 93 online on your Android or IOS device.

FAQ : People Also Ask

Who Create Windows 93

Windows 93 was created by Jankenpopp and Zombectro, Windows 93 is a Website that looks exactly like a Windows operating system, we can also call it a Web Operating System.

Is Windows 93 a Virus

Windows 93 is not a Virus, It’s just a fun Website that you can use without installing it on your computer, and you also get some fun applications from the old Windows.

What Software will we find in Windows 93?

In Windows 93 we will find a lot of Old Softwares for fun, and it looks similar to Microsoft Windows – a Start Button, a Drawing Program, some funny Games, Funny Viruses, Images, Antiviruses, a Notepad and also an old Snake Game, and here you will also get Star Wars film.

Was there a Windows 93

No Windows 93 was not a real Operating System, and It’s just a website made for fun, Windows 93 was not any kind of Microsofts Product.

How do I crash Windows 93?

First, Run Windows 93 online
Then click on Start Button
Then Run a Program named “Crazy
Then Run “Totally not a virus, Trust me…I’m a dolphin“.
Then Run “DEREG32.EXE
Then Run “Hydra.exe” and hold the Enter key
This will break the Web OS, and Windows 93 will Crash.

Windows 93 Secrets

Windows 93 was unofficial but it had great features better than the Official version of Windows
You can Crash Windows 93 by using some techniques.

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