Windows 93 in 2021 – How to run online on our Computer

windows 93

Windows 93 – If you looking for Windows 93 online then this is the right place to find out about Windows 93 secrets here you can use Windows 93.

Windows 93 is a version of Microsoft ‘s Operating System that you never used because it never existed, But do you know that you can run it online on your computer? Today I will tell you in this post how you can use Windows 93 live on your normal computer.

This is a website designed for fun in the desktop version, on which you will also get test movies of the terminal and some viruses which are quite fun. If you have some time, then you must use it once, I am sure that you will definitely enjoy it.

How to run Windows 93

windows 93 online

If you want to run it live, then you don’t have to do much, just you must have a computer that has an internet connection.

  • first open any web browser on your computer
  • then Search windows 93
  • then open first website or click here.

What software will we find in Windows 93?

windows 93

In Windows 93, you get some of the same features and softwares as are found in Windows 10 or 7 – a Start button, a drawing program, a peculiar version of Skype (Zkype), games, odd viruses (harmless of course), images, antiviruses, a notepad and even a browser. Take a look around the trash bin, have a game of solitaire, plunge into Matrix or have a game of Snake that became the real rage on Nokia phones. And if you’re into movies, you can watch the full-length Star Wars film… but in ASCII code.

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Windows 93 Secrets

1. Win93 tour simulator-In C drive in programs you can find the old win93TS from v1. It doesn’t work though because only the character select is working but its still neat being there. 
2. Delete system 32-If you go to the A drive and delete system 32 a gif will appear on the corner of the screen with a man who is confused why you deleted one of the most important files. 

How to Use Windows 93 on my Computer

It is very easy, for this you do not even have much requirement and you can easily use it without installing it on your computer. windows 93

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