How to Download Zapya App on Android

how to download zapya application on android

Zapya App Download | if you looking for What is Zapya and How to use it then this is the right place for also Download Zapya app and Found All information about it.

Are you a student or a businessman or do a job, you must have a file transfer at some time. earlier everyone used to use the share it app at such a time, but now you cannot use it due to sharit app being banned in India.

if you dont know the How to Zapya app download

In such a situation, you must also think that if the shareit app has been banned in India, then which app will you use for file transfer or data transfer, which is trusted.

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So today I will explain to you that which app will be right and safe for your use in place of shareit, the name of the app that I will tell you is “Zapya“.

To download Zappya app, you can also go to Google and search and download
You have to search – zapya app download apk (if you are android user), zapya apk pure, zapya ios (if you are ios user), zapya for windows (if you are a computer user).

Warning : If you get such titles like “download share it for android” or “share it download app and install“, then you do not have to download this app at all.

what is the Zapya share app?

Zapya is a fast file transfer app so that in a short time you can transfer more size files or data to another device. This app is mostly used by people who cannot devote much of their time to file transfer.

Using this app is very easy and easy for you, it works by transferring data with the help of WiFi and internet connection.

Zapya app download and how to use it

How to Download Zapya App on windows 10

First of all, you have to Zapya App download in your device, for this, you will not have to pay any charge, it is free.

  • If you are an Android user, then you have to install this app from Simply Play Store.
  • Then assume that you have 2 Android devices and you want to transfer data from the first one to another phone.
  • So you have to install the Zappya app on both devices, after installing.
  • Then you have to run this app on both devices.
  • Then the interface of both the devices will be the same in front of you.
  • When on the phone whose data you want to transfer, click on “Send”.
  • And in the phone where you want to bring the data, you have to click on “receive”.
  • Now in the previous phone, you have to select all the data that you want to transfer.
  • After selecting the data, you will see the send button, you have to click on it.
  • If you click on send, then the name of your second phone will appear on the front display.
  • If you are ready for file transfer, then click on the name of the other phone which is showing.
  • Then your app will take 4 to 5 seconds and start transferring the file.
  • And anyway, due to the speed of the Zapya App, it will give file transfer in no time.

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